Notes & Updates

Something weird happened to the blogger site for this story.  The posts went screwy and the template was a mess.  Unfortunately,  I had to change to a different template .  Even more unfortunate, manually upload all the scenes as the conversion from wordpress to blogger doesn’t work.  So if you tend to favour the Blogger site over the WordPress one,  mighty apologies.  Hopefully, I’ll have the blogger site operational in a few days.

On a good note,  all scenes have been checked for errors and fixed accordingly.

I’ve corrected a lot of errors whilst reading through episodes 1 – 3. I can’t believe how many had slipped through the cracks. Once I’ve gone through all the episodes and filter out the mistakes, I’ll have to discuss with Gayla on having a second version of the ebook released in place of the first.

God, I wish my mind wasn’t so scattered and my time stretched thin. At least I’m able to fix them up on the site itself.

I’ve updated the wordpress site with a snappier theme and one that has a better “back tracking” scheme. I was getting over the last one. Although, I still like the orange. Mikhalz makes its return as the banner feature.

Posting will be cutting it fine this month with Script Frenzy and Easter holidays. I’ll being posting to schedule nevertheless. Well trying to anyway. Besides, I’ll be using SF for episode trailer work for this story. So expect more youtube clips.

Post schedule is on stand-by until the first of April. I’ve been dedicating my free hours learning 3D skills and working on illustrations and trailer animations for this story.

Good news. I have been redrafting up new episodes; cut and pasting from old drafts and working them into the current story line.

In the next few scenes, When learn more of who Neven truly is. Neven’s state of mind is tested when she enters the lair of the Banshees to rescue Master Dagor and Edde who have been captured.

So a lot is going on behind the scenes. The story will continue regularly from April onwards (fingers crossed).

I’ve taken the plunge and tested my courage with web fiction directory submissions. Most, these days, are quite articulate in what they taken on. Previously, a story like mine tends to end up in their slush piles. Neven and I have learnt a lot. Failure is just another way of “working to get it right”. Sort of like a Thomas Edison thing.

Since I’m submitting to webfiction directories, I’ve re-released all earlier posts with an option to buy the ebook version. Whatever reception it receives, it will still be written. Who knows, maybe someone would like it. I won’t bank faith on it. Rather work to gain better skills and enhance my style. Failure is only my own. Success with spiritual gratitude is fulfilling.

The ebook version of Episodes one to six have now been released for sale via Katarr Kanticles Press. It is titled “In Anwar’s Care”. Coinciding with the ebook release, these episodes will no longer be available for reading online. However, episodes seven and onwards will remain with the story updated accordingly.


I’ve began with the post transfer. The oldest posts will be uploaded first. More than likely, will be taken offline once the eBook version hits the shelves.


New wiki up and away. Although, I still have a lot to add in.


I’m definitely going to pin a post date on my forehead and do all I can to stick with it. So far, I’ve been procrastinating. I’m losing the feel for the story more each time I fail to write it. This time, I will recommence with the Thursday time slot as of next week. It’s only one post a week and I should be able to meet it. Should.


New scene has been uploaded. I’ve decided to post ebook versions via Kantarr Kanticles Press now. If this falls through, will fall back to I will continue to upload scenes on a fortnightly to monthly basis, and will test for regular time slots before advertising a new one I can keep to.


Just to clarify with the header. The current header image is under A digital creation.


The story will also be made available for monthly download via I was intent on canning this site but have decided to continue to upload scenes when I rewrite them. I will also revise current scenes for errors I had failed to notice when uploading.

Fixed up some of the pronouns and missing context from scene 7.2

There will be more errors to correct but my time is limited to the cockroach hours, and the story must go on until the end.


Seriphyn knight reaches the Google auto select page. Is that good?


Seriphyn Knight @ 707


Okay, I’ve set an official showing date for each scene/episode, which is now Thursday – weekly at 6:00pm. It will give me plenty of time to tweak and post the story. I’m also set to create Season 2 as my NanoWrimo entry.


The adventure begins again and this time it’s my way for sure. I’m going to Lulu this story for print and ebook publication. More than likely it will be edited for better meaning and intention. So there will be variations in scenes but only slight and the story itself stays the same. The intention is for the ebook to be a free download but print versions charged at a very cool price. It’s all for the love of the story and my piece of immortality.


Credit of the model goes to Krystle who has allowed her images to be used freely via Morguefiles


Update: If you happen to read this story, apologise for the haphazard schedule but with long work hours and family demands, writing takes a back seat these days. By the time I have the time, it’s like, “do I have to?” I plan to update more regularly in the coming months.

Oops! It seems my host account has expired.
That’s what I get when I’m offline for a bit.
So here I’m with this account.
I’ll be adding in more later. For now, you can
enjoy the story here and on your mobile
via mofuse. I’ll add it to the home base links.


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